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Ramsey Town Commission’s AGM sees new composition of the board

At the Annual General Meeting of Ramsey Town Commissioners on Tuesday May 3 Lawrie Hooper was elected to serve as chairman for the 2016-2017 municipal year.

Accepting the position Mr Hooper thanked his fellow commissioners for their vote of confidence and trust and said there would ‘big issues' for the Commission to tackle in the coming years.

Mr Hooper will be supported by Luke Parker as deputy chairman.

Elections also took place to determine members' responsibilities for 2016 – 2017 and were as follows.

Finance, General Purposes and Establishment:
Lead Member - Andrew Cowie
Deputy - Juan McGuinness

Works and Development:
Lead Member – Albert Oldham
Deputy - Eric Corkish

Housing and Property:
Lead Member - Michelle Quayle
Deputy - Wilf Young

Parks and Leisure:
Lead Member - William Hankin
Deputy – Luke Parker

Housing Allocations Committee:
Michelle Quayle (chairman), Eric Corkish, Luke Parker and Wilfred Young

Policy Committee:
Lead Member Finance, General Purposes and Establishment; Lead Member Works and Development; Lead Member Housing and Property; and Lead Member Parks and Leisure.

Housing Advisory Committee: Michelle Quayle,  

Ramsey and Northern Districts Housing Committee: (Three years to April 2019): Michelle Quayle

Northern Local Authorities Swimming Pool Board (Three years to April 2019): Juan McGuinness

Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team Level One Task Group:Eric Corkish

Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group:Pat Ayres

Manx Wildlife Trust (One year):Albert Oldham

Ramsey Chamber of Trade:William Hankin

Isle of Man Municipal Association: Luke Parker and Wilf Young

The Annual General Meeting concluded with the announcement that with two fewer Members than seats available with effect from May 1 in South Ward, an election for two members of Ramsey Town Commission for South Ward would be held on June 14, 2016 for which a notice calling for nominations would be issued.


Ramsey Commissioners 2016 AGM