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Ramsey Dog Byelaws Consultation

The Ramsey Dog Byelaws expire at the end of March 2017.  A consultation is being issued seeking views on the application of the present Byelaws and on the public’s view as to any amendments thereto.


The Byelaws impose controls on dogs in certain parts of the Town District of Ramsey.

Dogs are prohibited from certain open spaces and beaches and dogs may not be at large in the open spaces and beaches described in Schedule 2 to the Byelaws. Dog faeces must also be removed from any highway to which the public has access, including back lanes, footways, pavements and grass verges, within its district that consists of or comprises a carriageway and from the open spaces and beaches described in Schedule 3 to the Byelaws.


The consultation seeks views on whether the areas which Dogs are prohibited from should be amended, these are presently: The Mooragh Park, The Coronation Park, the rugby pitch and BMX track on the Mooragh Estate, all education/school grounds, the area of the beach between the south breakwater and Lifeboat slipway.


The consultation will therefore ask for opinion on whether dogs on leads should be permitted on the paths in the Mooragh Park. It will also welcome views on whether other areas should be opened up/prohibited.


Contributions to the consultation can be submitted via the following link:




The link can be found on the Ramsey Town Commission website (www.ramsey.gov.im) and Facebook (facebook.com/ramseytowncommissioners) pages.


A paper version of the questionnaire can be picked up from the Library in Ramsey Town Hall.

Written submissions can also be made to Deputy Town Clerk, Ramsey Town Commissioners, Town Hall, Ramsey, IM8 1RT.


Juan McGuinness, Lead Member for Finance and General Purpose, commented: "With the expiration of our dog byelaws in March it's an opportunity for Ramsey to review and re-evaluate whether the laws are still appropriate for the town. The use of this survey is to ensure these laws reflect the needs and wants of the people of Ramsey. By getting this feedback it will enable us to make an informed decision and I am hoping this opportunity will be taken up by as many people as possible."


The consultation will end at 5pm on Monday 6th February 2017.

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