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Ramsey Dog Byelaws Update

Ramsey Town Commissioners recently carried out a consultation on the Ramsey Dog Byelaws to establish views from members of the public as to the need to change any of the existing byelaws which expire on 31st March 2017. The consultation, which received a total of 461 responses, was discussed at their February 2017 Public Board Meeting.

A number of specific issues were discussed:

Mooragh Park

In respect of the direct question, as to whether dogs on a lead should be permitted on the main drive and paths around the lake, the consultation found that 254 (55.1%) were in favour of this, 201 (43.6%) against with 6 (1.3%) unsure.

The Commissioners discussed this at length but resolved that the current bye law, which prohibits any dogs from being brought into the Mooragh Park should be retained. The main concern highlighted by the survey response for the commissioners was the large number of children who use the park’s facilities and who could be affected by the actions of a small minority of irresponsible dog owners.

North Mooragh Estate

A significant number of those who completed the consultation had asked that consideration be given to extending the area around the Rugby Pitch where dogs are currently prohibited from.
The Commission resolved to prohibit dogs from the area of the Rugby Pitch and its surrounds being the grassed area to the south of the Mooragh Estate Access Road to a point approximately 200 metres south thereof

The BMX Track and Skate Park will remain as prohibited areas.

Other areas of the North Mooragh Estate remain areas where areas where dogs must not be at large and where faeces must be removed.

The Open Spaces deliniated in red on the attached image illustrate where dogs will be prohibited once the new Byelaws are introduced. Open Spaces delinated in Blue indicate where dogs must not be at large and where faeces must be removed.

Other byelaws

Following discussion and review of the surveys comments it was resolved that the other byelaws should remain unchanged.


The Commission will undertake to publicise the revised byelaws once they are approved, provide additional signage to remind dog owners of their obligations and work with the Town Warden to provide a robust level of enforcement.

The Commission will now work with the Department of Infrastructure to draft a revised set of byelaws which be subject to Tynwald approval. Juan McGuinness, Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes, said:

“The level of response to the consultation was absolutely fantastic, We’d like to thank everyone who responded as the wide variety of comments and observations in the survey were invaluable to our discussions and decision making process and certainly gave all on the commission pause for thought before voting on the matter.

Maintaining clean and safe recreational facilities for as many members of the community as possible was at the forefront of our decisions and whilst we appreciate the majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up, the risks associated with the actions of the minority lead us to our decision. We hope that, going forward, our increased signage and enforcement will reduce the number of irresponsible dog owners for the benefit of everyone."

Ramsey Dog Byelaws - North Mooragh Estate

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