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What to do if you spot a swarm of bees


What to do if you spot a swarm of bees


Honey bees will swarm anytime from mid April until the end of July. It is their natural means of increasing numbers. The queen from a local colony will fly off with half the workers leaving a new queen cell behind. The swarm will cluster nearby while scout bees hunt for a new home. The bees think they are on holiday and are generally not aggressive but it is probably best to stay back and not provoke them until someone comes to collect the swarm.

Who to contact....

The Isle of Man Bee Keepers Federation has a list of experienced bee keepers able to recover the swarm and find it a new home. The scout bees will be hunting hard so time is of the essence; otherwise we might find the bees have set up home in a chimney pot or a cellar which will cause worse problems later on.

The Commissioners Office on 810100 has a list of Federation beekeepers to contact or else you could call the Government Agriculture Directorate at St Johns on 685844 as they have the same list. Make sure you give them details of the location, accessibility, your name and contact number.

The local area swarm coordinator will have a list of people wanting to collect swarms. As it is illegal to import bees to the Island, these swarms are valuable additions to their individual apiaries. A collector will be found and will be directed to pick up the swarm. Since time immemorial, the collector gets to keep the swarm and no fee is charged.


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