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RTC to adopt living wage

Ramsey Town Commissioners have voted unanimously to adopt the living wage.


The resolution, effective from 16th November 2017, will ensure that all staff are paid at a rate at least equal to the living wage.


Ramsey Town Commissioners’ chairman Andy Cowie said: ‘Ramsey Town Commissioners have unanimously determined that they will take the lead and demonstrate their commitment as a responsible employer to ensure that our staff are all paid at least the living wage. This positive message ties in with our strategy of making Ramsey a better place to be, not just for our ratepayers and visitors, but for our staff as well, who are the most important part of the Commission.


‘The living wage, determined by the Economic Affairs division of the Cabinet Office with input from other interested parties, seeks to provide a level of payment which allows people to have the opportunities and choices necessary to participate in society as well as to meet basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.


‘This strategy will ensure we are in a better position to retain our trained and committed staff and ensures we pay them a fair wage for the work they do for the benefit of the town. We can assure our ratepayers that the impact of the introduction of the living wage will not significantly affect our budgeted costs.’

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